CoCOA Estate & Argyle Falls

This tour begins at the famous Tobago Cocoa Estate, nestled in the green hills of Roxborough, adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the visitor can get acquainted with the cultivation and production of cocoa beans and chocolate.

appealing smells, sights & Sounds

You are able to experience each stage of the procedure, from how the fruit is grown, to the picking of the fresh and ready pods, then the drying of the beans, which creates one of the finest dark chocolates in the world. Enjoy a sample, as well as our famous chocolate tea. You won’t be disappointed.

We then move on to the dazzling and vibrant Argyle Waterfall. This waterfall is by far the largest and tallest one in Tobago with a height of 175 ft (54 m).

It is a tiered waterfall, cascading in a series of stepped and sprawling upward trails. Keep hiking to experience the different parts or hang around and enjoy the first and second pools if you are not feeling that adventurous…


Bathe and take pleasure in the beauty of the forest and the soothing, therapeutic properties of flowing water as you lose yourself in the appealing smells, sights and sounds of nature.


Note: This tour is only available on FRIDAYS for 1 to 9 people. The cocoa estate is open every day exclusively for groups of 10 or more people. However, for smaller groups on the other days of the week, after Argyle Falls, we can substitute a trek to another waterfall or secluded beach, a visit to Fort King George, a surfing experience/lesson at Mt. Irvine Bay, or another nearby excursion of your choice.

Snacks and refreshments included


comfortable wear, swimwear, towel, change of clothes


comfortable shoes, sturdy hiking shoes or firm sneakers, water shoes


suntan lotion and/or hat, insect repellent


8 a.m.


3 p.m.

Cost: US $75 / TT $525 per person

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Cocoa Estate & Argyle Falls

Cocoa Estate & Argyle Falls

Come see the origins of one of the world’s finest Gold Award Winning Dark Chocolates. Cool down in the most famous waterfall in Tobago.

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