Turtle Experience

Tobago's turtle watching is an incredible experience. These endangered species are easily accessible on four different beaches, all very close to one another. Hundreds of the giant Leatherbacks and Hawksbills make ground on these beaches between March and September every year.

Enchant yourself in the fascinating nesting ritual of these sea turtles

Watch the females come ashore at night and carefully choose their nesting spots. They do so to avoid the threatening high daytime temperatures in tropical regions like Trinidad and Tobago. The nesting process consists of many stages: the approach, body pitting, digging, oviposition, covering and camouflaging, and finally, the return to the sea.

Hang around and enchant yourself in the fascinating nesting ritual of these sea turtles. Quietly observe the entire process, and learn more details about each stage from your tour guide as it happens. 

Two months later, the hatchlings surface from the sand and if lucky to be there, you can assist in their safe passage back to the sea.

Witnessing the nesting ritual, and the emergence of the clutches from the sand, is truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience and definitely something you will want to do if you are in Tobago during the nesting season.

These sacred ceremonies are legally protected in Tobago.

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Please note: turtles may not appear on your chosen evening as they are wild and unpredictable animals. A telephone contact will be necessary in order for us to alert you of their presence, and you may be collected at a moment’s notice.


8 p.m.


12 a.m.

Times stated above subject to change.
Inclusive of transport from and back to the Crown Point, Grafton, Scarborough areas and places in between only.

Cost: US $50 per person


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